AQUAZAJ Glass filtration Media 1-2 mm

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High Quality Filter Glass
A direct replacement for Silica Sand , and Cost effective ...
Made from 100% pure white glass , washed , disinfected , crushed then sorted of any impurity that could interfere with the efficiency and the good fonctionning of the fitration system .


  • 1mm- 2mm


For all types of swimming pool, water park , water treatment, aquarium and water features .

1/ Swimming Pool
2/ Waterpark
3/ Water Treatment
4/ Aquarium
And more...

Main Benefits:

  • Cost effective, a direct replacement for silica sand
  • Improve the clarity which overwhelms the result of using silica sand
  • Remove finer impurities than an equivalent grade of silica sand
  • Longer operation life due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily
  • Save water and power for backwashing
  • Suitable for commercial potable water treatment, commercial rapid-rate re-use water filters, waste water treatment, and sewage treatment (lattice structure ideal for biological control)
  • Over 30% lower running costs vs sand
  • Over 50% lower chlorine consumption and lower disinfection by-products vs sand
  • Filtration down to several microns at 100% efficiency without filtration aids
  • More than 4 times longer lifecycle than sand Specifically engineered product, targeted for an efficient removal of priority metal oxides and other target constitutes

Crystal medium has multiple advantages compared to sand:

  •  High filtration quality
  •  Improved water transparency
  •  With the same media size, smaller particles are removed
  •  Cost Saving
  •  Reduce 25% of water for backwashing
  •  Reduce power consumption for backwashing and shorten the backwashing time
  •  Longer operation life than silica same due to higher attrition strength which do not break easily